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Normanby Township : Archives

Normanby Births

Normanby Births
Normanby Births
Normanby Births
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Normanby Township Births

4261-75 (Grey Co) COOPER, Francis James, m, Oct 6, 1875; father - James COOPER, farmer; mother - Mary Ann KIRBY, infm - father, Normanby Twp.

007480-78 (Grey Co) COOPER, Maurice Bishop, m, born 12 Aug.1878, father - William John COOPER, farmer; mother - Sophronia HAGERMAN, Normanby Twp

#007476-78 (Grey Co) CARSON, Samuel George, m, b. 30 Sep.1878, father – John CARSON, farmer; mother – Flora KENNY, infm – John Carson, Normanby

004986-73 (Grey Co) DAVIS, James Walker, m, b. Mar. 19, 1873, father – Thomas DAVIS, farmer, mother – Annie CORLEY, infm – Thomas Davis, Normanby Tp

#007474-78 (Grey Co) DINGNAN, Eugene, m, b. 3 Oct.1878, father – Thomas DINGNAN, merchant; mother – Isabella READE, infm – Thomas Dingnan, Normanby

#009661-83 (Grey Co) HAFERMEHL, Catherine Caroline, f, b 26 Sept 1883, father - Justus HAFERMEHL, farmer; mother - Catharine, infm - J. Hafermehl, Lot 1, Con. 10, Normanby Twp

#007156-79 (Grey Co) HAFERMEHL, Emma F. f, b. Jan.1879, father - Christian HAFERMEHL, farmer, mother - Catharine GOHL, infm - Christian Hafermehl, Normanby

#014841-97 (Grey Co) HAFERMEHL, Katharina, f, b 14 Sept.1897, father - Henry HAFERMEHL, farmer; mother - Catharine BRAUN, infm. H.Hafermehl, Normanby Twp

20649-86 (Grey Co) HAFERMEHL, Louisa, f, b 31 July 1885, father - Justus HAFERMEHL, farmer; mother - Catherine HEIMBECHER, infm J.Hafermehl, Lot ? Con 16, Normanby twp

#007467-78 (Grey Co) HAFERMEHL, Mary, f, 9 Aug, 1878, Justus HAFERMEHL, farmer, Catharine HEIMBECKER, infm. Justus HAFERMEHL, Normanby

#007459-76 (Grey Co) HAFERMEHL, Mary Elizabeth, f, 16 Nov. 1876, Christian HAFERMEHL, carpenter, Catherine GOHL, infm, Christian HAFERMEHL, Normanby

#008952-81 (Grey Co) HAFERMEHL, William Charles, m, 16 Apr, 1881, Christian HAFERMEHL, carpenter, Catharine GOHL, infm., Christian HAFERMEHL, Ayton Village

#007478-78 (Grey Co) HALLIDAY, William David, m, b. 26 Oct.1878, father- David HALLIDAY, farmer; mother – Sarah DICKSON, infm – David Halliday, Normanby

#004988-73 Grey Co) LEOPARD, Anna Catharina, f, 30 April 1873, father: Conrad LEOPARD - farmer, mother, Anna Eva LEOPARD, Inf: Conrad Leopard, Normanby Twp

#008364-80 (Grey Co) LEOPARD, Elizabeth, f, 22 February 1880, father: Hiram LEOPARD - farmer, mother: Elizabeth BACCUS, Inf: Hiram Leopard, Normanby Twp

#0072235-77 (Grey Co) LEOPARD, James, m, 16 June 1877, father: Hiram LEOPARD - farmer, mother: Elizabeth BACKHAUS, Inf: Hiram Leppard, Normanby Twp.

#007479-78 (Grey Co) KLUG, Francis John Albert, m, b. 24 Aug.1878, father – Henry KLUG, farmer; mother – Mary HARMISTON (or Hamilton?), infm – Henry Klug, Normanby

#214074-99 (Grey Co) KOENIG, Leo Henry, m, b. 22 Dec. 1898, father - Charles Andrew KOENIG, farmer, mother - Regina SCHNEIDER, infm, Charles KOENIG, Normanby, Grey

#014122- 99 (Grey Co) KOENIG, Pearl Elizabeth, f, 9 June, 1899, father - William KOENIG, farmer, mother - Sophia, GRASSER(?), infm, William KOENIG, lot 16, Conc. 11, Normanby, Grey

4263-75 (Grey Co) KENNY, Margaret Caroline, f, Dec 22, 1875; father - David KENNY, inn keeper; mother - Elizabeth ALLEN, infm - father, Normanby Twp

#007484-78 (Grey Co) MORRISON, Margaret, f, b. 19 Nov.1878, father – Walter MORRISON jun., farmer; mother- Bella McFAYDEN, infm – Walter Morrison jun, Normanby

#007483-78 (Grey Co) PUTHERBAUGH, John, m, b. 7 Oct.1878, father – Samuel PUTHERBAUGH, farmer; mother – Eliza Jane McNELLY, infm- Samuel Putherbaugh, Normanby

4262-75 (Grey Co) PETTY, Elizabeth Ann, f, Dec 5, 1875; father - Henry PETTY, farmer; mother - Esther REDDING, infm - father, Normanby Twp

#007481-78 (Grey Co) PFEFFER, John, m, b. 29 Oct.1878, father – George PFEFFER, farmer; mother – Dorothea MILLER, infm – George Pfeffer, Normanby

#007477-78 (Grey Co) SCHAUSS, Catharine N., f, b. 25 Oct.1878, father – Nicholas SCHAUSS, farmer; mother – Elizabeth NINGARTH, infm – John Koenig, Normanby


#007482-78 (Grey Co) REDDICK, Frederick Addison, m, b. 1 Nov.1878, father – John REDDICK, farmer; mother – Anna Maria FORSTER, infm – John Reddick, Normanby

#007475-78 (Grey Co) REED, Ida May, f, b. 20 Oct.1878, father – John REED, farmer; mother – Maggy GRAY, infm – M. Marseilles, Normanby

4260-75 (Grey Co) RUPERT, John Joseph, m, Sep 9, 1875; father - John RUPERT, farmer; mother - Mary HENRY, infm - father, Normanby Twp

 #007485-78 (Grey Co) MEYER, Laura, f, b. 7 Dec.1878, father – William MEYER, tinsmith; mother – Elizabeth DOERR, infm – William Meyer, Normanby

017437-05 (Grey Co) MILLS, Nettie Joy, F, b. 21 Mar. 1905, father – Edward MILLS, farmer, mother – Martha MILLS, infm – Edward Mills, Normanby Twp


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