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Normanby Township : Archives

Normanby Births
Normanby Births
Normanby Births
Births: A-C [Carrick, Howick , Minto & Normanby]
Births: D-H [Carrick, Howick , Minto & Normanby]
Births: K-Z [Carrick, Howick , Minto & Normanby]
Normanby Baptisms A-G
Normanby Baptisms G-K
Normanby Baptisms K-S
Normanby Baptism : S-Y
Normanby Deaths
Marriages: Normanby
Normanby Township Marriages
Married or from Alsfeldt, Normanby Twsp
1851 Canada West /Normanby Township census
Normanby Township History & Ratepayers of 1861
Normanby Ratepayers 1861 cont'd
Normanby Township 1867 Surnames
Normanby:- Voters List 1874
Normanby : Some Residents circa 1880
Normanby Township 1881 census
Normanby Township 1881 census Part 2
Normanby Township 1881 census Part 3
1881 Normanby Census Part 4
Ayton Residents: 1901
Ayton History
Neustadt [Newstadt] History
Orchard/Orchardville History
Cemeteries : Normanby Township
Chapel Hill Cemetery M.I. Normanby Twsp.
St. James Church Normanby: Remembered
St. Paul's Church, Normanby: Membership List 1934
Surnames of Interest for BMD ( outside area)
BMD of Interest ( within area)
Wightman Telephone
Where to find information :Normanby
Map of Normanby
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Guide to Write Your Family History
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Welcome to Normanby Townships:  Archives

What is this site about? 

This is a work in progress.

Submissions of Births , Deaths, Marriages or other related items that deal with Normanby are most welcomed.

Please be aware that if you find a mistake ( and their will be some) please let me know. However if there is a error in an official record I will not correct it, but rather place a note noting the suggested correction.


NORMANBY  TOWNSHIP  Cemeteries (Grey County)


Orchardville R.C. (also known as Chapel Hill),


 Single Grave




 Alsfeldt EV. United

St. Paul's Normanby

 Ayton: EV United Brethren

 Ayton: Knox Presbyterian

Ayton: Union

 Ayton: Zion Lutheran

 Ayton: Trinity Lutheran


Neustadt: St. Paul's

Neustadt: St. Peter's 

 Mount Pleasant (Calderwood).

Do you know of any other cemeteries  NOT On this list? Please contact me.

I do not have all the information on the cemeteries listed above

Thank-you to the following people for their help

  • Eileen Wilson who translated some of the German records.
  • Mary Crandall for allowing us to post some of her marriages from her website. Please visit her site.
  • The local library for their 150% help with resources and ordering me books. Support your local libraries!
  • To the many members of the lists who have passed on some of the records.
  • Members of local Historical societies and genealogy groups
  • To the pioneers of our communities who by their "Faith" have made us proud of their past and look forward to the future.
  • And to anyone who has help in anyway, Thank-You very much.
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